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We are a fun and delicious artisanal stop on your tour of the information highway. Based in Kitsap County, Washington, our made-to-order products are shipped and gleefully devoured around the world. Our popcorn includes quality organic ingredients*, and we love to try new recipes when recommended by our customers.


We offer corporate gifts, beautiful gift tins, private and catered parties, celebrity/VIP swag bag items -- and are a delectable fundraiser.


Click here to learn how we got started. And don't forget to follow us on Facebook for news and information about our products, events, and specials.


Begin your journey at our online store, and try our delicious and addicting flavors today!




*In the interest of protecting proprietary information, we regret we cannot disclose specific ingredients. We will respond to queries regarding nutritional value where possible. Please allow up to 7 business days for processing of orders, and up to 4 weeks or more during holiday seasons or special offers.

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